Web Design Processes





Web Design Processes

Involving you at every step and phase

Design Phase

After discussing you requirements, we provide you with

  • an outline of the design and architecture of the project for your review and
  • a quote.

At this phase, both the design and the quote are subject to review and agreement.

Implementation - 1st step

Once you are happy with the design, I will request 50% of the agreed amount as an indication of acceptance and a commitment to paying the outstanding amount on completion.

Additional quotes will be provided in case you request major changes to the accepted design (major change: changing structure, layout, template, if applicable).

Minor adjustments to the design may be made by agreement; such adjustments are limited to three in this stage.


Completing the site - all content and functions.

I will ask you for the remainder of the payment prior to uploading to or activating your site on ther web server (your existing hosting arrangements or hosting as a part of the package).

Post completion

Maintainance period included in costing will commence.

Post implementation includes submission to major search engines and and 1 entry in a local directory.